Hot chocolate, Netflix marathons, and warm duvets are just some of the finer comforts the cold weather brings. But a season linked to shorter days can influence how well you sleep. Here’s why cold weather makes it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings.   A LACK OF LIGHT Limited sunlight in winter […]

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Whether your immune system is weak due to stress, lack of sleep or excessive training, these five foods can help boost your winter workout. ROLLED OATS This fibre-rich wholegrain does more than just tame cholesterol. The beta-glucan (a type of fibre) found in oats helps boost the activity of white blood cells that gobble up […]

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With the arrival of winter, it’s time to switch up your skincare routine with cool weather habits that will ensure you maintain that post-exercise glow season round. Dry, flaky skin and chapped lips come hand-in-hand with the cooler months, so having a winter beauty routine is essential. But for those who like to spend more […]

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Feel a winter cold coming on? Can’t shake your cough? Don’t sweat it – these immune boosting foods are star defence players in your diet. GARLIC Not only does garlic score big for its antibacterial and antiviral traits, it also hosts a naturally-occurring chemical called allicin which is capable of killing off harmful bacteria and […]

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Behold, the power of the pulse. Besides having a low glycemic index (GI), meaning they’re digested slowly, pulses (such as beans, lentils and peas) are a cheap, low-fat source of protein, as well as hunger busting fibre – a combination that is waistline friendly. Jam packed with flavour, this vegetable soup is your ultimate winter […]

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There’s just something about the comfort that food brings us in winter. If you find it hard to resist the munchies on a cold night, you’re not alone. But why do we tend to eat more in colder temperatures? Many experts believe it’s a biological human behaviour, so it may just be inevitable.There are plenty […]

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Not all superfoods are exotic beans or berries. The term “superfood” is often applied to foods that are high in certain nutrients, making them exceptionally worthwhile to include in our diets. But the truth is, the term “superfood” has no scientific definition – and there’s no definitive list either. So rather than searching for a […]

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Footy season gets a burger makeover with the lot! All just as tasty as the not-so-healthy traditional fare of hot dogs and greasy fries. Serves 4 INGREDIENTS: Patties 500g of quality minced beef Handful of fresh parsley, finely chopped 1 free-range egg Pinch of sea salt and pepper ¼ tsp of each turmeric, nutmeg, cumin […]

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French toast is a classic brunch favourite that doesn’t have to be nearly as naughty as you may think! This perfect combo of protein and carbs will help boost your metabolism and give your body the nourishment it needs. Just don’t undo all your good work by smothering it in sugary syrup! Serves 1 INGREDIENTS […]

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