This recovery sequence is designed to promote strength, mobility and flexibility.  Some of these movement patterns may be challenging – but give it a try a few times and you will see improvements quickly.   In this demonstration, all movements begin from the Downward Facing Dog position, or standing. Both are fundamental poses in Yoga and […]

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Whether you have just started training for your first ever fun run or you’re an experienced distance runner, your body will benefit from striking a few yoga poses. Here, we explore how yoga complements your training, and share an easy sequence that you can do at home. WHY IS YOGA FOR RUNNERS RECOMMENDED? Pounding the […]

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Stand Up to Sitting Down All Day There’s no bones about it. Most of us are sitting creatures. Whether it’s working at our desk, driving the car, catching public transport, enjoying dinner with friends or binging on Netflix – we spend a lot of time on our butts. Yet sitting for prolonged periods isn’t good […]

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If you spend most days at a desk, then you’ll know all about the aches and pains that come with rounded shoulders, a sore back, tight hips and lazy glutes. Here are seven simple yoga hacks to prevent a hunch back and fix your internet posture for good. CHILD’S POSE Benefits: gently opens hips, deepens […]

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If you think yoga isn’t a man’s game, it’s time to get off the bench. Serious lifters have finally caught on to the numerous ways yoga can increase performance at the rack. More mobility and flexibility, a stronger core, better balance and increased endurance – what other reasons do you need? Here are five essential […]

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I tried Hot Yoga once upon a time. It was HOT and oh boy was it uncomfortable. Take a 33 degree room, add 60 sweaty bodies, and I may as well have been lying on the sun itself. My yoga mat resembled a Slip n’ Slide and I was envious of my neighbour’s very practical […]

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Is stress taking a toll on your body? The signs of stress are not always obvious, so it’s important to watch for these warnings. 1. YOU HAVE A SWEET TOOTH Persistent stress triggers the adrenal glands to work overtime pumping out stress hormones, which in turn ramps up our appetite, making you more likely to […]

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You’ve probably heard the expression ‘everybody has to start somewhere’ and I’m here to tell you, it couldn’t be truer. There really is a first time for everything and your first time trying something new in the gym, like a group fitness class, can be a nerve-wracking experience. Every single person there has been the […]

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