What do you think?

  • Greynomad Travelling

    MMmmmm hello, what about Sleep Apnea as a more likely cause?

  • birdmeister

    These are all potentially valid reasons for fatigue, as is sleep apnoea as Greynomad has alluded to.
    I have been recently diagnosed with both sleep apnoea and idiopathic hypersomnia.
    As I understand it, Apnoea is more likely in males and where there is obesity.
    The suggestion is Hypersomnia develops during the late teens and 20’s and that most cases start before 30 years old.
    It is said that hypersomnia manifests itself by excessive daytime sleepiness which I have found to be true.
    The description that I have found fits me best though is that it is like chronic fatigue syndrome except that exertional strength is not diminished.
    Both Hypersomnia and CFS seem to be a bit controversial.
    There are no direct tests for these conditions and diagnosis is made by a process of exclusion. All other possibilities are ruled out first.
    The advice given above is very useful, but in certain cases it may be that there are more serious underlying reasons for a persons fatigue.

    • Dave Mills

      I relate to your reply except no energy as well. Diagnosed as fibromyalgia years ago I’ve been chipping away at the symptoms with good results but rectifying sleep patterns is the hardest. Nearly there.

  • Eirinn O’Brien

    Great points I’m trying to go cold turkey and am going through an Internet rabbit hole I kept clicking other articles after I finish one and you wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve gone on to